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Geri - Babestation’s Queen of Communication

Post © @Babe_TV.    Page date: 3 October 2013


Geri. She’s been celebrated, rated, hated, slated… But she nevertheless remains one of the most memorable and influential figures to have set foot on any UK babe channel. There have been many stars in the rise of the babe channels from the nether reaches of the Sky EPG to the prominence of Freeview, but if you had to pick out one name as a real mastermind, it would have to be Babestation’s Queen of Communication – the incomparable Geri.

One of the things that’s generally underestimated among babe channel fans is the importance of engagement and communication on the shows. I read the forums, and I see some fans declaring that there’s basically nothing more to babe show success than finding a fit babe, giving her a phone, putting her on TV, and ‘cashing the cheque’. But this overlooks several key factors – the most prominent being…

Well, type “naked babes” into Google Images with the Safe Search disengaged, and you’ll see problem number 1. What you’re seeing is the babe channels’ competition – and there’s an inexhaustible FREE supply of it on the Internet. You don’t have to pay for photo downloads, you don’t have to pay to look at footage of incredibly beautiful women au naturel – you don’t even have to pay to watch and hear some of them having sex.

Problem number 2 is that babe channels cost a lot to run (especially at the highest level), and their services have to at some point get expensive in order to cover the overheads. There are guys who’ve spent £thousands on babe channel services in short spaces of time, and people simply will not part with that kind of money without what they feel is very good reason. So there has to be more on offer than just a vision of beauty, because people won’t pay £thousands for that – they don’t need to.


What the babe channels need to do, then, is give viewers reasons to use their services, and this has always been one of Geri’s specialities. She’s a top communicator who always brings the party with her, and that in itself engages the audience. But she clearly also has a good understanding of viewer psychology, what it is that makes the guys spend money, and how to connect with their desires. She’s not alone in that. Girls like Lolly Badcock, Lori Buckby and numerous other major babe channel names know how to talk the talk – they wouldn’t have achieved what they have if they didn’t. But where Geri has gone further is in making her communicative skills work not only for herself, but for Babestation as a whole.

I mentioned that Geri has been hated and slated, and there’s no denying that the intensity and persistence of her pitching at the height of Babestation’s ‘power-selling’ phase provoked expressions of everything from mild disenchantment to unrestrained anger. In fact, Geri even joined the commentary herself, making numerous references on Babestation to her inability to shut up, and referring to herself on occasion as “Geri Jaw” (rhyming it with the name of her long-time presenting counterpart Megan Moore).

But no one has brought the same innovation and fun to presenting a babe show as Geri, and no one’s looked as comfortable pulling the whole thing together into a happening scenario. Without the Geri influence, Babestation is a babe show. But Geri more than anyone else made it into a TV show, and however many mistakes were made during the ‘power selling’ era, the TV show aura was what set Babestation apart from, and way above, all of its rivals.


Above, I’ve added some great memories from the height of Geri’s reign as a dedicated Babestation presenter, which picked up pace from autumn 2009, but was really just a stepping forward of the fun asides she’d been adding to earlier Freeview shows like Party Girls and Party People. Going clockwise from top left there’s: 1) Geri in the giant Babe doll box. You just know that a dream came true that night – and I don’t mean for the viewers. 2) Geri emerging from a cupboard to present her “out of the closet” monologue. 3) Geri with Tiffany Chambers in a typical 2010 Babestation 1 intro. And 4) How could I not include Geri’s pussy?… Her 2010 Halloween Special pussy-cat that is, obviously. Geri is known to be a fan of cats, and once said on the old Babestation Xtra chat show that she’d like to be reincarnated as one.

There’ll probably always be a Marmite element to the babe show phenomenon of Geri, but she’s funny, she’s random, she’s imaginative, she’s quick, she’s a charmer, she’s fit, and there’s no one else like her. Would Babestation have become as popular without her?… I’m really not convinced it would.

There’s now more on Geri’s Babestation presenting days in the Geri and Megan Dynamic Duo post.

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